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Ending Preventable Chronic Disease

Preventive Care, Redefined

ForBetterHealth (4BH) is building an innovative AI-enabled care coordination company focused on keeping people healthy. We deploy a community-based workforce to engage people with early-stage disease, establish trust, and coordinate whole-person care: social, physical, and behavioral. 


We partner with health plans and self insured employers to take end-to-end responsibility of delivering positive health outcomes. Our focus on preventive care coordination transforms healthcare service delivery to allow everyone to reach their full health potential

In the community,
by the community,
for the community 

4BH’s community-based workforce, commonly known as CHWs, are a standardized, well trained workforce in compliance with with federal and state regulations.


CHWs are trusted, empathetic people from within the same communities we serve to address barriers to care, coordinate with local healthcare providers, and ensure positive health outcomes are achieved.

Digital Transformation

4BH’s workforce, coupled with our integrated tech platform, is ten times more productive and cost-efficient compared to current standards. Our platform is mobile-based and includes proven technology widely used in other sectors. 


We leverage advancements in AI and data science to deliver personalized population health at scale. 

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